Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Treasure Box surprise

The Little Red House was gifted a box of gourmet chocolates over the weekend. Seeing we all have a bit of a sweet tooth here they didn't last more than 24 hours. So today we had one empty box and a plastic insert with lots of little holes which Emily described as a "Treasure Box".

A treasure box indeed, what a great idea!

This prompted a little backyard exploration and foraging (mainly on my part) to put together several treasures to go into the little box. There was some rocks, leaves, pieces of plants, shells, some sugar snap peas, flowers. It was quite the collection.

Tonight Emily was very keen to show Dad the treasure box when he arrived home. He was very impressed, but identified one of the "rocks" to actually be a small bit of Zorro's dog poo. Fail Mummy, Fail!

Needless to say I promptly through the "rock" into the bin whilst having a rollicking good laugh.



  1. You had best watch out next time the Rees' give out some chocolates! hahaha!

  2. That was quite a treasure you found! A great idea nonetheless. It would make a great pre-Christmas activity - Advent style. Thanks for Rewinding x

  3. Haha, funny! At least it was the right colour :)
    Not sure I'll ever see a box of chocolates in the same way again...

  4. Love it! That's quite the treasure...

    Visiting from the Rewind.