Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sore little dog

There is something about sending your furry best friend off to have an operation; a little voice in the back of your head that questions whether something might go wrong? Will he come home?

I knew that he would be okay but was so glad when he came home and I could actually give him a big cuddle.

Turns out he had not one but eight teeth removed. I know that is a lot of teeth to have removed!! And some serious damage all caused by a ball obsession.

So you ask, how many teeth does he have left? It is hard to tell as he is not so keen on opening his mouth for an inspection (understandably so) But there are a few left and the vet assures us that he will still be able to eat but no bones or hard treats and definitely no tennis balls!

Here he is recovering inside yesterday. He is a pretty tough dog, not a whimper just happily curled up on his bed, nice and warm

Let's hope that is the end of his veterinary adventures.
Good to see you home Zoobie


  1. Far out - 8 teeth! Glad he's home.

  2. Oh dear Zeddie, your flompa chomps look very sore and swollen. Hope your feeling better soon buddy boy :-)