Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is there a mouse in the Little Red House?

I don't know about you but I detest any insects, mice, coachroaches etc that make their home in the Little Red House. The thought of little creatures scurrying around at night and particuarly investigating around Emi and Josh's room is not a nice one. For a while now I have wondered whether there might be a mouse about the Little Red House.

There was lots of little black poos all around the house; in the pantry, behind the couch, in the bedrooms but I had not seen anything moving about so I wasn't sure what it might be.

However this morning I knew we had a crisis after discovering this in the pantry today

Some little thing had ripped open a pack of breadcrumbs........cheeky little rodent, hope it found them tasty.

So it was off to Bunnings this morning with Emily to find am old school mouse trap (neck snapper). The man about Little Red House will set it up tonight with some peanut butter. We have found this to be the most effective lure.

Let's hope we catch it and have no more surprises in the morning


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  1. I really don't appreciate the noise they like to make at night. I suspect that I have one in the walls, though I'm not sure how it could have gotten there, though they are very resourceful little sneeks. I think I will have to invest in a non-lethal,environmentally friendly, efficient trap. Do these actually exist?