Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A spontaneous trip to the beach

I think I can feel that spring will be here soon, today was brilliant, it almost felt warm enough to crack out the t-shirts but best not get to ahead of myself least I end up being disappointed.

Instead the little people and I enjoyed a spontaneous trip to Avoca Beach. One of the brilliant things about living on the central coast is being able to drive to the beach within 20 minutes or so. Awesome!

Today there was nobody around and although it was a bit blowy (as you can see by Emily's hair below), it was glorious.

We enjoyed digging in the sand, squashing sand castles, crawling all over the sand (Josh) and collecting sea water without getting too wet (Emily) and we were lucky to share it with our friend Sam and cousin Issy.

Emily and Josh getting into the fun together
Love this shot - so cute!

It was so lovely to get out and enjoy the fresh air even though the wheels did fall off a bit at the end and I had to carry Emily back to the car. Ahh the joys of entertaining little people outdoors. As we drove home to the Little Red House I reflected that it was all worthwhile
We will have to head back again soon

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