Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got you!

Well let me tell you we have had some frustrating days of mouse hunting at Little Red House. Our little furry friend has proven to be quite elusive and has continued to enjoy eating it's way through the packets in the cupboard.

We tried peanut butter on two separate evenings but the cheeky thing just licked all the peanut butter off so we upped our game and last night Ashley added some chunks of cheese to lure it out.

After setting them it was off to bed and listen out for any movement, soon after there was a commotion and we both sprung out of bed and into the kitchen to see what we had found.

Got you!

It was a relief but also a bit sad, the old school traps mean a pretty violent end for the mouse and whilst there was no blood it still wasn't nice. I declared that disposing of it was a man's job so Ash dropped into a bag and straight out to the bin.

So there ends the story of the mouse at Little Red House.

Only funny part was Emily asking Dad tonight if the mouse had it's head cut off, oh dear, I wonder where she got that concept from, especially considering that she is renowned for story telling her adventures, let's hope this one doesn't come up during group time at day care tomorrow


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