Monday, August 30, 2010

But wait there is more!

Damn it the mouse caught was a mummy mouse who had furry little babies living under the house.

Yesterday two came in search of her, oh my goodness, enough already. Poor Emily cried "Daddy, Daddy there is a mouse behind my dolly!". Ash was not sure whether to believe her but had a check and blow me down there it was. In broad daylight and all, this mouse was obviously not taught very well.

So off I went to acquire some more traps at Coles. Last night we discovered there were in fact two little mice, they were much smaller than the one caught last week. Well, there was much calamity around the house last night as Ashley tried to capture them, including waking Emily up at 11pm with by switching the light on whilst I used a toy to flick it out from under the bookshelf whilst Ashley wrapped it up in a towel before we decided to put it in the freezer. Poor Emi she was so shaken that she slept the night in our room.

This morning we discovered the second one caught in the trap set in the kitchen. Please, please let that be the last of them. There is something about these little pesky creatures that sends me screaming from the room, give me a spider or cockroach any day.

Unfortunately our little girl has now developed a bit of a phobia. Every little noise is claimed to be a mouse and today she was stuck on her stool in the bathroom refusing to come out in case there was a mouse about. I hope that this will fade in time, poor thing.

Let's hope my next post will be about a non mouse related source of excitement

Morale of the story, we must scout around for the holes in the floors and walls on the weekend!


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  1. I can not believe you put it in the freezer!!!! Poor little mousy.

    Still, I guess you don't want a plague on your hands.