Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The shy girl in the corner?

It is hard sometimes to be critical of yourself and wonder why you act in a certain way but I think it is important to acknowledge the parts of yourself that you can improve on.

One of my major weaknesses is meeting new people. Way back when I was always the shy girl in the corner to nervous to branch out and introduce herself and start a conversation with someone, at uni and at work I have always been like that. Now as a parent I sometimes fall into the same trap.

For more than a year I have been telling myself that I should take Joshua along to the local playgroup. This would give him an opportunity to have some fun playtime with other kids when Emily is at preschool and become familiar with a different environment that is not always being with Mum. But I am holding myself back, too nervous to walk into a room of strangers and introduce myself. I know I need to do it for Joshua's benefit but I can't seem to make myself, I am just not self confident enough.

Geez, this is a pretty honest post from me but now that I have written it down I am going to work out a strategy to get on with it. Maybe next week I might just get there.

Have you ever felt nervous going to meet new people, how did you manage it?

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  1. Jen. I was the shy girl at school and uni too...maybe hard to believe! I had to work so hard to overcome it. I forced myself to always try to think of something to say and not leave any silence. I feel, now, that I may have gone too far the other way and find myself ranting and interrupting!! So I don't really have any advice for you. Except, of course, just go for it with the playgroup thing! What's the worst that can happen. Have you ever thought badly of someone because they seemed a little awkward in a situation? I don't like rude or arrogant people but I've never disliked someone just for being shy. ( on second though maybe I do have some advice!!)