Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We love morning tea!

Most days little Joshua is asleep over morning tea time so those two hours are good time for Emily and I to do some things together that might be challenging to achieve when he is awake.
At the Little Red House we love a good morning tea, there is something about a yummy treat to tide you over to lunch. On the rare occasion we will cook piklets! So simple and easy.
Yesterday with all the rainy weather it was a good time to have another crack at perfecting them. I think I have finally mastered them, not that it is hard right but for a while my technique was all wrong but this week I have it sorted.
I think the two things were adding a bit of baking powder into the mix to puff them up a bit so they are more like a hotcake than a pancake and adding some butter to the pan when cooking them so they brown up beautifully.
We also like to add some frozen blueberries or sultanas for some extra nutrition and flavour.

This is the end result, the photo doesn't do it justice of course, trust me they were yummy!

Only thing to improve is may be a little less burnt bits, pan was way to hot! And trying to do half white flour / half wholemeal for the nutritional benefits

Emily loves to help make them and to eat hers sharing a cup of tea with mummy. Well, the little people's equivalent which is a proper tea cup, a smidge of tea and the rest full of milk.

So what do yummies do you enjoy for morning tea?


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