Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Max is alive!

What do you do with a little girl who needs something new to play with?

Turn Max to "ON"..... let me explain a little more.

When Joshua was born Emily received her only baby boy doll named Max. We picked him up from ELC. At the time and throughout the past year he has been well loved and one of Emily's fav companions, recently when we were looking for something to do for the afternoon I decided that Emily was old enough to enjoy playing with Max on another level. So, I switched him on and put his battery in. What a delight for her, not only does Max's mouth move in and out when he sucks on his dummy and bottle, cries and babbles but the best bit for Emily is that Max burbs!

It has been so much fun for her and she has taken delight in showing any friends and family the new and improved Max.



  1. What?? Max has had this hidden potential all along and we never knew...amazing!

  2. Super cool! Especially for a three year old. Will have to show you the next time you come over