Monday, September 27, 2010

Observations from being out and about

Wow, haven't written a post in a little while, it is amazing how time can get away from you and all the days seem to blend in to one. Twelve days it has been in fact.

A mouse is back in the little red house but hey I have written about that enough so onto something new.

I love noticing different things when I am out of the house, some attract my attention because they are weird and wonderful, other things because I just like to wonder how or why it is happening.

Some of the interesting things that have caught my attention of late.

A man riding his bike along the local main road, nothing new here, but running alongside him was not one but two dogs that he was holding onto via two leads. Check that out! How is it possible to do that, I can hardly even walk Zorro on a lead let alone ride a bike holding the lead beside me.

Then there was the young man, riding his bike into the local supermarket car park, attached to the back is a little trailer with a sub woofer powered by an adapted car battery of sorts. His choice of music was not my style but her certainly attracted attention.

Then there are the bike riders with strange spokes sticking up off their bike helmets. Why, I asked? To ward off the swooping magpies of course.

So next time you are out and about, open your eyes and wonder at something new.


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