Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The best thing about making a cake is?

I have memories of cooking cakes when I lived at our family home in Berowra. My fav was a coconut cake, everytime I made it, it never happened to be quite right. But I didn't mind as there was always the bowl, beaters, spoon to lick. I think it tasted even better than the cooked cake!

So today whilst using the last of the mushy bananas, Em and I made banana bread, a tried and tested family favourite that always works, and to which can be added a variety of extra bits like nuts or other fruit. Our recipe is from No Time to Cook by Donna Hay but there are limitless numbers of recipes out there which all seem to be of similar ingredients.

Em is always the willing helper at cake making time. At the end I asked her what the best part of making banana bread was "Licking the spoon Mum", came the reply. Ahhh. Some things are passed on through the generations.

Me on the other hand, I enjoy eating it more these days with a cup of coffee, a magazine and 10 minutes to myself. A bliss!

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