Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A big girls sleepover

As the oldest of three girls in my family I was often the one who was lucky enough to get to have an overnight stay with my grandparents. I don't remember much about what we actually did but I do recall that it was a really special thing to do and there was often a visit to the local coffee shop for a lime spider which I thought was heavenly.

So this week as the oldest of our two littlies, Emily got to have her first ever overnight stay with her grandparents in the Blue Mountains. Just her and her beloved Grandma and Grandad. We went to pick her up to today and she was full of excitement and busting to show both of us all the craft she had made and her new favourite game to play "fairies". As in the TV show.

Josh on the other hand enjoyed some solitude and having exclusivity of all the toys in the house and finally showed us that he can say Emily. Well in fact it was more like "mi" but close enough hey. So cute.

I hope Em will look back when she grows up and remember how special it is just to enjoy the company of your grandparent alone without having to share the attention. As for grandma and grandad, I am sure they are having a sound sleep tonight!


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