Monday, October 18, 2010

The start of a market garden, perhaps?

Since first starting my vegie garden last spring I have come to enjoy spending time outside playing around in the little square. Of late I have grown beetroot, garlic, silverbeet, onions and lettuce. As part of the backyard project I wanted to incorporate some new garden beds to expand my planting space enable a bigger and more varied type of crop to be planted.

So after another day spent slogging it out Ash constructed 2 of 3 new beds for the expanded vegies. This is what they look like, 1.2 x 1.2 constructed out of ACQ treated pine (arsenic free) and stained in merbau. Looks pretty good hey! I will have to repost another photo in 2 months time when it is full of green growing goodness.

Whilst I will never have the time or resources to have an actual backyard market garden I am looking forward to increasing our produce to share more with family and friends.

Now to start planning what to plant! That is tonight's job.


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