Monday, October 18, 2010

Some firsts for little J

Around 8 weeks ago at 16 months Joshua learned to walk so I figured it was about time for some shoes. There is something so adorably cute about shopping for a pair of first shoes, I decided that these were just right for a first pair. I like the idea of keeping the first ever pair of shoes as a bit of a keepsake. I kept Em's first pink pair and I know that my Mum kept my first shoes.

So here they are! Already broken in after a play around at the park this afternoon

Emily joined in as well, having always wanted a pair of sparkly shoes I decided that she was old enough to appreciate them and they do look like cinderella slippers which is what she has nick named them. Perfect for wearing with dresses and skirts for summertime fun.

But the most exciting activity of the day was Joshua's first haircut. Some passer bys were heard to confuse his gender in the past week due I would imagine to the length of his mop which has been growing at some rate since his birth so off to the local men's barber to see if they could help.

A lovely lady spent a good 10 minutes cutting it away and we are left with this. Short enough but with little bit of a wave remaining. And yes I did keep a lock or two as a momento.

Photo is not the best but hey you get the idea!



  1. I love a little guy in sandals - so sweet!

  2. Thanks, such cute little feet when they are small. And so soft ansd chubby