Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Today is my Dad's birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday, he is fifty eight today.

Except he isn't here to celebrate with us anymore but I like to remember it anyway and will always mention it to my sisters and Ashley when the 5th of July comes around each year.

For a long time after he died I was very sad and could hardly talk about it to anybody but now fifteen years later the words come a lot easier but there is still a tear in my eyes as I write this.

I find that it is good to remember him and reflect but not to dwell on it. Life is what it is and we can't change it, I know that my Dad is watching down on us and knows that we are okay.

(This is the last photo I have with my Dad. I was 17 at the time)

I decided recently that I wanted to record more of my memories of him, as I get older the recollections of him are fading and I don't want to forget. So I have resolved to start a journal of memories, maybe one day Emily and Joshua might like to read it.

So start of the collection, I do remember that my dad was a health nut and did not have the taste for sugar, so much so that at times when we would make a cake to celebrate a family birthday we would only put icing on half of it so that he didn't have to endure the icing that we all thought was glorious. I particularly remember doing this with a carrot cake one year. Lucky for me I didn't inherit this one and love a good bit of icing.

Happy Birthday Dad


  1. I remember being at netball with Sarah. Dad offered to go and buy us some soft drink at the canteen. Sarah and I were ecstatic. Dad returned with a can of mineral water - Sarah and I not so ecstatic.

  2. A lovely post Jen and a nice idea to start writing down your memories. I never met my dad's dad and it would be great to know more about him, so I'm sure Emily and Josh will appreciate it in the future.

    I remember your Dad being a serious runner, with Chrissy helping him along the way.

    That's a lovely photo too.

  3. Nice one Jen, happy b'day Mr Cranmer.

  4. A little late to this post but I hope you had a great, nostalgic day on the 6th! Remembering keeps people alive. x