Thursday, July 14, 2011

This place where we live

I love exploring this beautiful place where we live. Finding a new place that makes you wonder "why don't we do things like this every week" and has the kids exclaiming "wow".
The last time we explored was last year so yesterday we explored a local nature reserve, Kincumber Mountain. It was freezing and windy but we braved it anyway and the beanies actually stayed on the little heads so it must have been cold.
We took a short walk down a little track to what Ems dubbed "the bear cave", after the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt. It was only 300m one way but there were big rock overhangs, tall gnarly trees, mud, moss, old banksia men trees, massive dead tree stumps, lots of sticks for Josh to pick up and of course a cave. It was hidden and felt secluded apart from the distant hum of earth moving equipment coming across the
These are the days I want to remember
Having fun together, exploring and learning new things in the great outdoors. I have a great love for being outside that was fostered when I was younger so I hope that Ems and Josh want to choose doing things like this as they grow up.
I am resolved to do this more often, so many great places to explore here on the coast. Now off to planning our next adventure.

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