Sunday, April 24, 2011

Today you are 2

Today my boy you are 2, for two years you have made life so much more fun, your beautiful sunny yet cheeky nature brightens even the dullest of days. You are very affectionate and love "cuggles" and kisses.

Your favourite thing would have to be Thomas the Tank Engine, which you describe in a excited "toot toot" but alas the words Thomas or Train have not appeared yet, it seems your big sister can do a lot of your talking for you. You also love looking at books, playing the the lego or annoying the dog, digging in the sandpit and anything outside.

You love playing with Emily, she is your most special friend and can make fun with you without any toys around from teaching you to climb over the arms of the lounge or pretending to eat food off the floor like a dog, there isn't much that the two of you won't try together. It is wonderful that you have each other to share your life with.

This year you have learnt so much; how to feed yourself, walk, talk (we at least a bit), how to get yourself off to sleep unassisted, and so much more.

As a little boy you love making noise and crashing things around, not to mention that you love putting on a show for some attention, your current special is pretending to roar like a bear! So cute. In retrospect, this is what you looked like a few days after birth

And on your first birthday

And today after enjoying your cake.

All our love Joshie boy, may your third year of life be even more fun and exciting


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  1. He is a gorgeous thing! I think that second year of life is amazing! Two-three is challenging for me - toddlers are such fun but oh so cheeky! I have two of them (2 years 5 months) and it keeps me very busy!

    Thanks for your comment on the no-plastic bag challenge post. I am going to heed your advice on the plastic wrap (which ran out this week for me too, snap!). Between Tupperware, zip lock bags and al foil, there shouldn't be a need for it right?