Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Big girls first preschool adventure

After 8 long weeks since we finished attending day care, Emily finally started preschool yesterday.

I arrived expecting some anxiety and tears but she happily ran off to play without a backwards glance and I had to call out to even get a goodbye. Why is that I always underestimate her? I felt so proud of her and almost teared up as Josh and I walked away.

In the afternoon I was glad to hear that she had a great day and was already joining in with her new friends and teachers. She even presented me with a necklace she had made!

It was a big decision to move to a new centre but I think we made the right choice and I am sure that her time there over the next 1-2 years will go along way to helping her get ready for big school.

Needless to say Emily is a bit tired today but looking forward to her second day at preschool tomorrow.


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