Monday, December 13, 2010

I went walking......what did you see?

Today was a new day to start some a new habit; attempting to get out for a walk in the morning before it gets too hot and humid.

With Emily walking beside me and Josh peering out from his pram we hoofed it down to the local Coles and whilst walking together we noticed some funny things.

It is interesting how observant little people are. A man walked past us with out a shirt on. So Emily commented to me "Mum, that man has no shirt on", "Why doesn't he have a shirt on", "We can see his boobies". The man promptly put his shirt on, perhaps he over heard us!

On our return walk we happened to hear a bleating sound that was much like a goat. It seemed a bit odd that there would be a goat around but chained to the fence on a building site (being cleared for a new house) there was a little black goat bleating away with nobody paying it any attention. Not really the kind of animal you would expect to see, I wondered who it belonged to?

Then to top it off I like sticky beaking into other peoples front gardens. I noticed that one house had very bright coloured potted flowers lined up in front of the wall of the house. They were very bright indeed so much so that I realised they weren't even real.......they were plastic flowers. Who puts plastic flowers in pots along the front of the their house. Interesting indeed.

So, when you went walking recently, what did you see?

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