Thursday, June 09, 2011

The elusive sleeping child, where are you?

Four weeks ago, little Joshua decided to experiment with a little bit of monkey business; attempting to climb out of his cot, caught red handed with one leg up and over his cot. Never having had that problem with Emily, I was a bit surprised, but hey little J has always been a climber. So off came the cot sides and on went a rail, hey presto, toddler bed.

Four weeks on and what an exhausting time we have been having!

I have spent countless hours putting Josh back in his bed after he has climbed out, patting him to sleep and sitting beside him waiting for him to go to sleep and even when desperate, lying down next to him (I know desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say)

This week I thought we had cracked it, we tried playing some lullaby music on my IPhone as this seems to help Emily drift off to sleep quickly and it seemed to have worked. He stayed in his bed! Woo hoo, happy dance, I even boasted to my sister that I had it sussed.

Alas, I spoke to soon, tonight he was back to his old tricks. That is the thing with kids and sleep, they go through several stages from birth to growing child and through each stage there is a new challenge. Say, moving from wrapping to not wrapping a baby, transitioning from two day sleeps to one day sleep then to no day sleep. I guess I feel comfortable when I have it worked out and sleep is golden and easy but it never seems to last too long and we head back into the next transition.

At least Emily is sound asleep in minutes at the moment, I wonder what her next transition might be, staying up later in the evening perhaps. Fingers crossed it might be a while away yet!



  1. We had the same experience with our first born. Man it was a hard slog but he did (eventually) settle into his bed. We learnt after him and kept number two in his cot longer (he was nearly three!). Three and four are still in their cots and I am ignoring how big they look in there. lol. Good luck Jen. Stay strong x

  2. I don't know if the easy sleeping child exists but I am crossing my fingers for the next one. Every mummy one thing that's hard to handle, eating, tantrums in the supermarket, nose picker...

    It could be worse!

  3. Thanks for the good wishes, one week on and we have a bit of progress. We are staying in our bed!!!! But now calling out endlessly for attention so I think you could call the progress, hey