Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A new beginning

Hi, here I am!

Twelve months ago I had no idea what a "blog" even was, but happened across one during a search for some kids party food ideas and thus by journey as a reader of blogs began.
Having pondered the thought of writing a blog for some months I have decided to give it a go. After all what is the worst case scenario; other than I am the only who might read it!

I have asked myself why I would like to write a blog and thought that would make a good first post and perhaps a point to check back on in the future to see if the reasoning proved to be correct.

So here is what I came up with:

1. I once wanted to be a journalist or work in PR but gave up on that idea long ago, so maybe this is my only chance to publish a piece of writing (albeit I am not sure you would really call a blog "publishing")

2. With the intention of primarily looking after my children for the next few years I feel a desperate need to keep my skills relevant, keep up with technology, interact with other adults and have someone to listen to what I have to say other than my two kids.

3. I feel the need to keep a personal record of this time of my life and the lives of my children. Looking back at on my childhood I have many memories but most are vague so I feel writing a blog will serve as a memory jogger in the future and might make some good fodder for the 21st, wedding speeches etc

4. The online world is truly amazing, there is a so many inspiring people out there and this is one way to perhaps connect with some of them.

So let's go and see what happens



  1. Good on ya Jen!! I'll be reading all about you now. The only other blog I read religiously is my antenatal yoga teachers...Che and Fidel. I love seeing what your up to! Kell

  2. Thanks Kel,my first ever comment